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In 2013, Whattaroll was born from the idea of “having a crush on film photography.” It was inspired by the fact that many young people have been rediscovering analogue photography in the recent decades and ultimately falling in love with it. With this in mind, we wanted to encourage our fellow young photographers to go “back to basics” and shoot with film. While many professional photographers are still working with traditional techniques, not all of them seem to be keen on sharing their experience and expertise with others, especially with budding photographers who are already working with digital gear. This is why we are keen on showcasing outstanding works that inspire the film photography community to keep the craft alive by sharing their work.

Whattaroll is currently an independent online publication supported by our readers, but publishing print issues remain part of our goals.

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Manila-based writer, film photographer, and part-time traveler. Runs on caffeine, lives on books, savors good music, and thrives in everything creative.


Born in 1988, Warsaw-based portrait photographer, photography teacher, and one of the co-founders of Whattaroll Magazine.


Madrid-based portrait photographer, one of the co-founders of Whattaroll Magazine. Visit her at the La Peliculera if you’re around town!


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