Surreal Fashion Worlds by Júlia Brümmer (NSFW)

Putting her curiosity for infrared photography and the parallel worlds it reveals to work, Brazilian film photographer, fashion designer, and conceptual artist Júlia Brümmer merged surrealism with conceptual fashion photography for her graduation project in fashion school. To put her creative vision to life, she used a number of interesting films all known for their unique hues: Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400, Lomochrome Turquoise XR 100-400, and Kodak Aerochrome 1443 infrared film.

“My research aims to explore the applications of fantastic art (a subgenre of the study of arts that encompasses all forms of creative representation that break through the barriers of reality, such as metamorphic creatures, surreal landscapes, and the atmosphere of dreams) in conceptual fashion processes. Besides addressing subjects related to the fashion history, feminism and sustainability, one of my main objectives was to broaden my knowledge spectrum within my photographic specialties and obsessions: color and analog media.”

Only film fits my proposal and the way I work, and could bring me the dynamic of colours I was looking for. This project was chaotic and huge, I have so much stories about it, and the pictures I got are my soul.

The result is indeed a stunning and otherworldly approach to fashion photography, both in concept and execution. Julia graciously included the sketches that became the basis for the photography part of the project.

Julia has been shooting film since 2013, and solely with film since 2015. Since taking her fashion studies, photography became a means of escaping and coping with her mental issues, with “Yashica 108 Multiprogram + something fucking colorful (Fuji Velvia, Kodak Ektar 100, and infrared stuff)” being her go-to camera and film combination.

Follow Júlia Brümmer on Instagram (@jliabrummer) to see more of her work.

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