New Roll, New Chapter

Welcome to the new Whattaroll Magazine!

It’s been a long time since our last analog adventures with you, and we’re happy to be back! We’re still the same online magazine you’ve turned to for outstanding film photography, but this time, we’ve simplified the sections and introduced a couple of new ones. We’re excited to fill our pages with your beautiful photos once more, so here’s everything you need to know if you’re ready to embark on a new chapter with us.


We’ve put together a combination of the sections that made Whattaroll the magazine everyone knew and loved, and new ones that we think you will all look forward to.

Interviews will still share our chats with some film photographers we think everyone needs to know about. If there’s anything newsworthy about the film photography world, as well as any announcements from us, News will still be the section to find it. What a Roll is still where you’ll find noteworthy photos from a single roll — a useful resource if you’re curious about the results or look of a certain film stock. Roam, formerly called Wanderlust, will still showcase the places captured in film by our fellow analog travelers.

As for the new ones, From the Editors will be a dedicated space for us editors to share with you our own thoughts, photos, and inspirations, with the intention of sharing more about ourselves and making the magazine more interactive. In this regard, feel free to send us a note anytime and if we feel it needs a reply that everyone should hear about, you’ll find it in this new section!

Roll Call is an addition that we’re sure you’ll all find exciting. We get a lot of submissions that we think are really outstanding, but may not always fit a certain section. This new section will house the weekly showcase of these submissions that we believe are worth the shout out.

Lastly, Features will be a repository of other film-related stories and submissions such as (but not limited to) photo essays, written materials, projects, and brand showcase.

Call for Submissions

Got any ideas for the sections above, something to say, or works to share? Keep checking our Submission Guidelines to find out what we’re looking for. We’re always open to pitches and submissions so keep them coming!

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